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1921 – 2021

It seems like only yesterday we were a small spit of cooperative, formed to serve the banking needs of those early Mainers who braved thicket and thin to bring us our first phone lines. Fast forward through countless other advancements that have come up our way — while continuing to do our fair share of dusting off and shoveling out, riding out waves and dancing in the gray.

100 Years

19,000 Members Strong

Today, we’re proud to call over 19,000 of our fellow Mainers “members.” Serving a diverse mix of souls heralding from York and Cumberland counties to the bustling communities of Bangor—including those from distant shores and diverse backgrounds who’ve chosen to put down roots in the forests, towns and cities in between.

80 Employees

Same goes for our growing family of employees. Modern-day Mainers who speak your language—17 of them at last count—while demonstrating their own brand of grit and heart as they eagerly embrace and expertly share new technologies and their infinite possibilities.

Above all, we’re proud of this state we call home and grateful for our place in it. Because even after all this time together, it feels like we’re only getting started.


Infinity and Maine

Our Values

Serving our communities, building relationships, and welcoming new members is at the heart of what we do. Because at Infinity, we believe kind words and good works are currencies whose value never diminishes.

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We can’t define it, but you’ll know it when you feel it.
A sense of connection as you stop calculating and start caring, listen rather than judge. The moment acts of kindness go from random to common. When it’s no longer about you, that’s when you know you’re one of us.
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There’s no better place than Maine. But that doesn’t mean all Mainers are in a great place
We help our members move forward then stay a step ahead. Making a difference by listening longer, digging deeper, and going further. When you do it right, it hardly feels like work at all.
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Money is person. Why should we treat people any differently.
Instead, we believe every solution starts with a story; understand that bad things happen to good people; and hold that financial tools are only as good as the intentions behind them.)
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Banks build branches. Credit unions put down roots
Investing in friends, family, neighbors and co-workers who continue to show up for each other. Leveraging individual and collective strengths. And making decisions with the understanding our fortunes are intertwined.)
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We want to be a safe place for people to put their money and their trust
This goes for our employees as well as our members. Which is why our goal is to always go beyond compliance, creating an environment where all voices are valued and collaboration is free to thrive.
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While the nature of our work may appear black and white, we all live in the gray.
We hire for character—looking for individuals who love helping others move forward—then train for chops. Because while keeping track of the bottom line is important, there’s no accounting for the impact of empathy and compassion.
Infinity walks the walk when it comes to company culture. Most organizations talk about their culture and mission/vision, but you never see it in practice. Infinity walks the walk and talks the talk; I witness our culture and see our mission and vision statements come to reality each and every day at work.
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Best Places to Work Survey 2021

Work besties

For nine years, Infinity has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Maine.” And for four years, Credit Union Journal has named us one of the “Best Credit Unions to Work For” by asset size.


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