Business Direct Deposit

Each payday your employees paychecks are sent by you or your payroll company electronically in to accounts they established with Infinity CU.

Benefits for YOUR EMPLOYEES:

  1. Immediate access to their funds
  2. Direct Deposit lets your employees begin earning dividends immediately
  3. Safe, quick, and convenient

Benefits for YOUR BUSINESS:

  1. Improved internal control by not handling negotiable checks
  2. Increased efficiency by not having to perform the check-signing process
  3. Simplified business account reconciliations because there are no outstanding payroll checks
  4. Loan Discount**

Employee Enrollment: 

  1. Employees become members of Infinity CU by opening a Share Account with a $5 deposit at any of our five convenient branches. Onsite enrollment options are also available with our Bank at Work Program.
  2. Employees open a checking account
  3. Employees set up Direct Deposit using our easy online form.

Let Infinity Credit Union put an end to the payday runaround with Direct Deposit. 

For more information, email our Infinity Small Business team or call 207-854-6000 ext. 4140

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