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We’re for you

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As our state’s first not-for-profit financial cooperative, we see Mainers as members—
never as numbers.

Your values are

Our values

Your story is

Our story

Person One
Person Two
Person Three


It’s what you create when you stop calculating
and start caring.


Listen longer. Dig deeper. Go further.


Money is personal. Why should we treat
people any differently.


Banks build branches. Credit unions
put down roots.


Beyond compliance is a place where all voices
are valued and collaboration is free to thrive.


We look for people who love helping others
move forward—then train for chops.

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*ATMs Update* There will be some downtime with our ATMs and available networks as we work to update the Surcharge-Free ATMs available nationwide to our members. If you receive an ATM fee in August, please Submit a Member Refund Request online or call us at 207-854-6000. (More Details)