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Whether you’re on your laptop or your phone, on the road or your lunchbreak, with Online and Mobile Banking, we’re here with the tools you need to help you manage your account 24/7.

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Turn your tech into a multi-tool

In between cat videos and podcasts, log into your Infinity Credit Union account to view your balance, transfer funds, schedule bill payments, make loan payments, track your spending, send money to family and friends, and much more. How’s that for nifty?


  • Monitor account activities
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Use Bill Pay to quickly and easily pay your bills online
  • Send money to friends and family with PopMoney®
  • View your monthly e-statements
  • Make loan payments
  • Set up alerts and reminders
  • Budget and track your spending with the Personal Finance Manager
  • Customize your dashboard to fit your needs
  • Secure Messaging with Infinity FCU representatives


  • Save time with our easy QuickBooks/Quicken integration

Digital Banking explained

Don’t have time to stop in and speak to an Infinity Member Specialist? Watch our video tutorials at your convenience here.

Chip Cards

Smarter means safer

Learn how Infinity Credit Cards work with chip-enabled terminals to make every transaction that much more secure, using a one-time code.

Chip, Check

Mobile Wallet

Give your wallet the day off

Speed through checkout online and in-store. Simply add your Infinity Debit Card information to your preferred Mobile Wallet app, and off you go.

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Telephone Banking

Bank by phone? Sure

We offer two Telephone Banking options—touch tone and speech recognition. Like our Online and Mobile Banking services, it’s free and available 24/7. Simply call 207-854-6000 or 1-800-499-8401 and choose Option 2, wait for a pause, then select Option 2 again.

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