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Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

We all need a little forgiveness every now and again.

Overdrafts can happen when you don’t have the necessary available balance in your account to cover your ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, checks, automated bill payments, and pre-authorized withdrawals (i.e. gym membership).

Infinity Credit Union offers an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit (ODLOC) that advances funds to your checking account for pre-authorized withdrawals, checks, and automated bill payments. Funds are automatically advanced in $100 increments to ensure that all transactions are covered. You pay interest on the amount in use.

Consider pairing an ODLOC with good account management practices to avoid overdrawing your account.


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*ATMs Update* There will be some downtime with available ATM networks as we work to increase the Surcharge-Free ATMs available nationwide to our members. If you receive an ATM fee, please Submit a Member Refund Request online or call us at 207-854-6000. (More Details)