As good as your tools

Crushing the midnight milk run. Procuring building supplies like a boss. Racking up rewards points faster than sea glass. Confidence is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy as an Infinity Credit and Debit Card-carrying member.

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Fees? Puh-leeze
No annual fees. No over-credit-limit fees. No balance transfer fees.
Give your wallet the day off
Mobile Wallet
Speed through checkout online and in-store. Simply add your Infinity Debit Card information to your preferred Mobile Wallet app, and off you go.
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More Rewarding
Free program turns every personal Credit Card purchase into valuable rewards points.

Which Infinity CU Card is right for you? Let’s compare

Visa® Debit Card
Visa® Credit Card
Visa® Debit Card
Safer than cash, more convenient than checks.
Visa® Credit Card
Enjoy the purchasing power of Visa® while earning valuable points.
Annual Fee?
Visa® Debit Card
No Annual Fee
Visa® Credit Card
No Annual Fee
Smarter means safer
Contactless Technology
Our new cards allow you easy tap-to-pay convenience for a fast and secure checkout, with dynamic encryption that protects your card information.
Quicken® and QuickBooks® Compatible
Accounting and Management
Automatically transfer and manage transactions made using your Infinity Credit and Debit Cards to your preferred financial software solution.

Lost or stolen card? We’re on it

To report an issue, the moment your Infinity Visa® Debit or Credit Card is somewhere you don’t want it to be, our Cards Services are available 24/7 to ensure your account is protected and a new card is in your hands as soon as possible.

Report an Issue 

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Digital Banking

Take a tour of Infinity CU’s new Digital Banking here.

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Or text APPLE or ANDROID to (207) 854-6000 based on your device to download the new app.