What precautions should I take if I’m traveling out of the country?

For security reasons, ATM/Debit Card transactions are blocked in most foreign countries. Before you travel, call our Operations department at (207) 854-6000, ext. 4123 to have a travel note added to your account for the time frame you will be traveling out of the US. ** You should also plan to contact your credit card companies to ask them to do the same.

What number do I dial for questions on my taxes or insurance escrow?

Phone (207) 854-6000 ext 4121 –> after August 23rd, please contact our DECU Mortgage Servicing team at (800) 338-6739 or email the team

What number do I use to FAX my tax and insurance bills?

(207) 854-6064 –> after August 23rd, please contact our DECU Mortgage Servicing team at fax # (800) 743-1096 or email the team

How do I submit a donation / sponsorship request for my local charity or group?

For donation or sponsorship consideration, organizations should complete a “Donation Request Form“. Your request will be reviewed by our Marketing team. ** Please allow a minimum of 60 days for this process.

How do I re-order checks?

Customized checks can be ordered online at http://reorder.libertysite.com/, by phone, at (207) 854-6000, or at any Infinity CU branch.

How do I stop payment on a check or a electronic payment?

By contacting the credit union, a stop payment can be placed on a payment that is made by check. Payments that have been remitted electronically cannot be stopped.

How come my check hasn’t been deposited yet?

Our members can deposit checks through online and mobile banking even on non business days, including weekends and holidays, but please note that mobile deposits are only processed on business days during business hours. So you may not see the check process until Monday morning or the next business day when we reopen.

What is the Audio Pin?

The audio PIN is the PIN you would have chosen for our Telephone Banking system. If you are not signed up for Telephone Banking and you are attempting to sign on to Online Banking for the first time, try using the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number instead. If you have any problems, contact any Infinity branch, or call our Operations department at (207) 854-6000, ext. 4121.

What is the Routing Number for Infinity CU?

The Routing number is is a nine digit number used to identify a financial institution in a transaction. Infinity’s is: 211288491.

I forgot/lost or locked my password. What do I do?

During business hours, just call us at (207) 854-6000. After hours, you must complete the “Forgotten Password Request form.” Upon receipt of your Forgotten Password request, an Infinity representative will contact you during normal business hours.

What do I need to bring to open up an account for my child?

For identification purposes, we require identification of a parent or legal guardian and the Social Security number of minor child.

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*ATMs Update* There will be some downtime with available ATM networks as we work to increase the Surcharge-Free ATMs available nationwide to our members. If you receive an ATM fee, please Submit a Member Refund Request online or call us at 207-854-6000. (More Details)