Gaining a better understanding of finance and how your money can work for you should be a priority for everyone, especially those looking to be in a better financial position. While there are various ways to learn about your money or get your questions answered, podcasts are the most popular ways that continue to gain momentum today. 

Several podcasts are publishing content today that focuses on everything from budgeting to investing. Here are five of the best podcasts available today that focus on your money: 

Planet Money

Planet Money features expert hosts that provide a wide array of topics on all money matters that are important to its listeners. Here’s a summary of the show: 

Host: A variety of NPR hosts

Episode Release Schedule: 2 Episodes per week

Average Episode Length: 22 Minutes

The Planet Money Podcast is produced by National Public Radio (NPR) and is hosted by a variety of hosts who are all finance experts. It is a go-to show for many people because of its affiliation with NPR, which is famous for providing in-depth coverage and education on a number of topics. The hosts dive into the economy, managing finances, and other financial news to help people understand what it all means to the average person and how it impacts your wallet.

Planet Money was originally produced in 2008 by Adam Blumberg and Adam Davidson, both popular journalists and podcasters, and now has produced well over 1,000 episodes. Like many NPR shows, the podcast uses narrative storytelling to explain why certain things happen and how it impacts the nation’s finances. Many consider it a crash course in everything related to the economy and money in general.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a show about building a better life and helping you become financially independent. Here is a summary of the show: 

Host: Paula Pant

Episode Release Schedule: 1 Per week with bonus Q&A episodes

Average Episode Length: 50 Minutes

The topics start with a focus on budgeting and finding a way to cut expenses out of your life that isn’t as important as they seem. The show now dives into various money-related topics as it explores the relationship between money and freedom. The focus is to help listeners realize that they can afford anything but not everything. 

The show is hosted by Paula Pant, who tells the story of buying a car at the age of 21 for $400 that she used for a year and a half. Since she didn’t have to drive much, she didn’t spend much on the vehicle. She started ruthlessly slashing expenses that didn’t matter and investing her “gap,” which was the difference between what she earned and the expenses. She continues to pass on financial tips and resources to her audience. 

The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast

The Dave Ramsey Show is a favorite by many that have provided many methods on how to get out of debt and stay that way. Here’s what you need to know: 

Host: Dave Ramsey

Episode Release Schedule: 3 Episodes every weekday

Average Episode Length: 40 Minutes

Dave Ramsey is a mainstay in financial education and commentary, and you probably have heard of him before if you have looked into money matters. He first started his radio show, which was an effort to help consumers better understand finances and get out of debt, way back in 1992, and he’s still on the air today. The radio program airs every weekday for three hours, and the Dave Ramsey team turns each day’s radio show into three podcast episodes for anyone to listen to.

The show reaches over 18 million weekly listeners through the radio and podcasts. Dave Ramsey is the author of seven bestselling books on finance and has reached over 1 million people through live events. While Dave offers plenty of financial advice, his podcast might be the best for people looking to get more disciplined with their finances by getting out of debt. Most of the shows offer live callers asking financial questions or individuals who have taken Dave’s advice to get out of debt. 

SO Money

SO Money focuses on the younger generation and how they can improve their financial situation. Here’s a summary of the show: 

Host: Farnoosh Torabi

Episode Release Schedule: 3 Episodes per week

Average Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Farnoosh Torabi started out as a financial reporter living in New York City with a low-paying job and a lot of debt as a young professional. She has now written best-selling books, coached hundreds of Americans struggling to manage their money, and was the star of a reality show called Bank of Mom and Dad. She also speaks about financial issues for women and young adults across the country, with that audience being the podcast’s focus.

Many of Farnoosh’s content is focused on teaching young adults how to avoid debt, get out of debt, and live a better overall financial life. Her podcasts deliver “candid conversations for a richer, happier life.” The show’s main focus is to talk to industry thought leaders who are experts in finance. The show aims to help listeners live a more fulfilling life by getting control of their money. 

How to Money

How to Money features nearly an hour-long episode average and aims to help listeners live a richer life with less money. Here’s what you need to know: 

Host: Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix

Episode Release Schedule: 3 Episodes per week

Average Episode Length: 55+ Minutes

The hosts are Joel and Matt, who started the podcast because they felt like there should be a better way to educate people about personal finances and how to overcome the issues money can bring. The show started by making the point that only 40% of Americans can cover an unexpected $400 expense. This creates a significant financial knowledge gap in the country they aim to fix. 

The topics covered on the podcast can be wide but deep at the same time. Most people will be able to find something for them, but not every episode may be relevant to your situation. They cover topics like investing your extra income, quitting your job, starting a business, becoming smarter with your money, and even reactions to specific financial news. The show has a more laid-back approach to the discussion of finances than the others on the list, as each host drinks a beer while they talk through each issue. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of podcasts available today that focus on finances and how to make the most out of your money. As you can see from the list above, they are not all retreads of the same topics and carry a wide range of focal points. By utilizing the podcasts that have the most relevance to you, you can get all your money questions answered and find methods for putting your money in a better position to work for you. 

This information is provided as guidance only.  Infinity Credit Union is not responsible for the material or content in any of the podcasts referenced in this blog. In return, Infinity assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the podcasts referenced above.

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