That’s right, members can skip up to two nonconsecutive payments, per year, on a qualifying loan — so go ahead, give that bill the boot for a month! Request a skip

Holiday Loans

Let us help you make merry this season without worrying about your finances right now. With low rates starting at 5.99% APR* (lower than a credit card), you can have a little extra cash for gifts, gas to travel, and food for all your festivities. Learn more


Make a Budget — and stick to it.

Sure, it’s hard to avoid Black Friday and all those sales! But you don’t want to derail your long-term goals with some short-term spending. Right? Our Infinity Member Specialists would be happy to help you start budgeting and get on a good path to financial wellness. Visit us today at one of our branch locations, or check out our online budgeting tool to get started.

And remember: “Your children need your presence more than your presents.” While gifts are a fun part of the holiday season, there is plenty of joy to be found in free or low-cost activities like baking cookies together, enjoying a family game night or holiday movie at home, visiting family and friends, and making memories together … which they’re sure to remember much longer than gifts.

Buy Local

Yes, we know, Amazon and the big box stores can certainly make things easy and cheaper. But supporting your local shops, artists, craft fairs, markets and more can help our dollars circulate and stay in our own communities. The more we support each other locally, right here in Maine, the more we all benefit. That’s our motto at Infinity Credit Union, and what helps drive our not-for-profit financial cooperative.

Give Back

When you visit Infinity CU, whether in person or on social media, you’ll see Giving Trees popping up in our branch locations. Members are welcome to join us in giving back to local schools and non-profit organizations in our communities.

If you can’t take a take a tag to buy a gift, don’t worry. It’s not always about money and materials gifts. Consider donating your time and energy to help a local organization, family or friend this season. You may just get as much joy as you give.

At Infinity, we believe that kind words and good works are currencies whose value never diminishes.

And the more we do today to help our members and fellow Mainers save, protect and grow their money while demonstrating how to put it to good use, the more joy we all bank down the road.

Happy Holidays!

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