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ATM Important Updates

Our branch ATM’s will be undergoing system upgrades through mid to late August. During this time, the ATM’s in Westbrook, Portland, Arundel and Scarborough will be unable to take deposits. Members may use:

Mobile Deposit via our mobile app anytime (learn how)
– Night Deposit box
– Drive-Thru or Lobby visits during normal business hours

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Surcharge-Free ATM Updates

As we work to transition to improved systems and options, we are updating the surcharge-free ATMs available to you. We are focused on delivering a nationwide network of ATMs and so will move from (1) Maine-only surcharge-free network to (5) nationwide networks with tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs.

• In the meantime, there will be a period of time (August 3-22) when there will be fewer surcharge-free ATMs available to you while this transition is taking place.

• To offset this inconvenience to you, we are offering ATM fee refunds for the month of August for Infinity members utilizing other ATMs beyond our branch locations.

• If you pay an ATM fee in August, please click here to request an ATM fee refund/reversal.*

*ATM fees will be refunded after review by our team, within one week of request, for ATM fees incurred between August 3-22, 2022. Any questions, just call (207) 854-6000.

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Best in Market Rates

You don’t need to shop around or search for the best rates. With Infinity’s Best in Market Rates* you can be confident that you’ll get one of the best rates in the market with Infinity Credit Union. The team conducts a weekly rate survey to ensure that our rates will always be one of the best rates in the local Maine marketplace.

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Debit Card Controls service interruption

Please be advised that the card controls which have been available to you in Online Banking and our Mobile App will be suspended come Aug. 1st and will not be available until November 1st when we complete our Digital Banking system transition:

  • Set Card and Spending Limits
  • Set Alerts
  • Report Lost or Stolen Card
  • Freeze Card
  • Auto-decline certain card transactions

On November 1st, we look forward to delivering a faster, modern Digital Banking experience, including a new mobile app with these card control functions and many new features.

In the meantime, you can set up Account Alerts to be notified of:

–Transactions over a certain amount $_____ that you specify
–Alerts of spending in specific categories (ex. E-commerce, travel, ATM, etc).
–(Learn How to Add Account Alerts)

To report a card as lost/stolen, just call.

Please note, we will be unable to Instant Issue new / replacement cards in our Branches between 7/29-8/15. But we can help you rush order a new plastic if needed.

If you need to freeze your card, call us at (207) 854-6000. And don’t forget to call us back when you need to un-freeze your card.

Please reach out to us if there is any issue that you need help finding a solution and we will be glad to work with you to find one.

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Need a Debit Card?

Our Instant Issue machines are currently down at our Branches, through mid-August, but please Contact Us to request a new card be mailed to you.

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New Digital Banking experience

You’ve been asking for it… and it’s coming!

November 1st we will launch a completely new Digital Banking experience. Our team is hard at work preparing for the changes and new features to come. We can’t wait to roll this out to you, our members. Please ensure your email address is up to date so we can share more updates in the coming months!

New Credit Cards

We have converted to a new credit card platform and issued new Infinity Visa® Credit Cards with a new design and contactless technology for easy tap-to-pay convenience.

Online Account Management:
Please log in to Online Banking (on your desktop computer – not the mobile app) to access and Register for the new credit card portal (AccessPoint) where you will be able to monitor your credit card transactions and payments moving forward. (Click “Member Login” at the top right of this page, then click on your credit card number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234 and it will direct you to register for the new credit card portal). Note: the registration page shows our parent company Deere Employees Credit Union’s logo. Once you register and log in, you will see our Infinity brand portal.

Credit Card Rewards:
As part of our merger with Deere Employees Credit Union, we have also rolled out new a CURewards® platform, which includes the ability for our members to redeem points for Amazon purchases on the CURewards® site, and shop a CU Mall with hundreds of online retailers. To access the new CURewards® site, please use the login instructions listed above, then click on the ‘Rewards’ button.

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Financial Wellness blog

Learn more about how to stay a step ahead in life with hot topics like budgeting and money-saving tips to beat inflation, plus how refinancing your home or auto loan could help you save, how to protect yourself from phishing and fraud, and other hot topics to help keep you a step ahead in life.

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How To use Mobile Deposit:

  • Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App
  • On the bottom row, click Deposits
  • Select which Account you’d like your check deposited to, and fill in the Amount
  • Click the camera icon for “Front of Check”
  • Allow access to your camera
  • Place your check on a dark surface, and align it with the green box
  • Tap the screen to capture the check image
  • Repeat for both front & back of check
  • Review that all fields are completed correctly, and press Deposit

How To Add Account Alerts

*Best in Market rates on loan and deposit products based on a weekly Market Rate Survey by and

Note, “best in market rates” does not mean that we’ll always be the absolute lowest rate, as there may be another financial institution offering a special from time to time. If you do find a lower rate elsewhere, we won’t match it, but we will stay true to our philosophy of having one of the best rates around, coupled with the personalized service you’ve come to expect from Infinity.

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*ATMs Update* There will be some downtime with our ATMs and available networks as we work to update the Surcharge-Free ATMs available nationwide to our members. If you receive an ATM fee in August, please Submit a Member Refund Request online or call us at 207-854-6000. (More Details)